About RetroTime

We believe in empowering teams to create the best work place possible.

We were tired of spending time in retrospectives that didn't get results, so we created a product which could help save time and create meaningful results from having retrospectives. We hope you love it just as much as we do!


Sticky Notes

Tired of sticky notes, we decided to improve on the scrum retrospective and make something better.

Initial Launch

We initially launched to a small network of people to gather feedback and fix issues.

Updated Features

Adding requested features such as hidden comments and export.

RetroTime Adds Google Authentication.

RetroTime adds Google authentication to allow our users to securely login and access RetroTime.

New Feature December 2017

RetroTime Opens For Trial

RetroTime is now available for anyone to try free for 15 days.

New Feature March 2018


After much anticipation, a redesign for RetroTime was launched.


Migration to new platform

Backend systems were migrated to new database and written in Python. This multi-month process allows our team to be more proficient and scale for the future.

Migration June 2019

Up and Down Voting

Up and down voting per comment on every retrospective is now available! Retrospectives now allow voting for participants to vote on the most important comments that should be discussed first as a team.

New Feature October 2019

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